PayperChain – developed by Experts

The idea of ​​a digital sales strategy emerged from the current requirements in the existing delivery and financial processes. Challenges arising from a fundamentally shifting global business environment lead to tougher demands on companies. Only those companies that actively and courageously drive change and re-adapt traditional business processes will be the winners of tomorrow.

So far, only the conventional payment chain has been used by manufacturers of tools and plastic parts. First tier suppliers buy a tool and pay it 100% to the manufacturer. Plastic parts are made from the tools and these are delivered to the OEM of the automotive industry and only now the value chain begins.

PayperChain offers the solution for this “financing gap”. Pay-per-use has been an issue among financial insiders for a long time. With the help of blockchain technology, these new financing methods can now be made secure.

PayperChain was developed with the support of a team of experts from the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, as well as the European consulting firm d-fine. Today PayperChain offers the technical solutions for a more flexible and at the same time l00% secure payment system.

Count on:

  • decades of experience in industry
  • the expertise of the financial experts of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center  
  • the know-how of proven blockchain experts from d-fine

Rely on PayperChain!