We make Pay-Per-Use reliable.

Innovation means Investment
Investment needs Cash
Cash needs Security

As a machine manufacturer, you need maximum flexibility in financing your machinery.
The current order situation is slowing down necessary investments.
You are dependent on the payment practice of your customers.

PayperChain automates Pay-Per-Use

PayperChain automates Pay-Per-Use

Today's market is moving away from traditional ownership models towards pay-per-use concepts.
With pay-per-use, customers only pay for what they actually use.
PayperChain combines pay-per-use with the latest, non-manipulable blockchain technology that ensures maximum security.

PayperChain – Safe and flexible investment in machines

Pay-per-use in combination with blockchain technology offers many advantages:

Become the first mover in your industry because

  • You invest whenever you need it, regardless of the order situation.
  • You have no additional property burdens.

Bring flexibility to your cash flow because

  • You only pay for the actual usage.
  • You minimize your up-front investments.

Reduce your risk because

  • Smart contracts are tamper-proof thanks to blockchain technology

PayperChain - Blockchain technology creates security.

How PayperChain works? Quite simply: You deliver your machine, your investment good, as usual. The difference from before: Your machine is connected to the system via an API interface. This records how much is produced. All data is stored tamper-proof on the blockchain and transferred to the ERP systems of customers, suppliers and, if necessary, banks. Invoicing follows via a smart contract: simple, fast and efficient.

PayperChain - your cost optimization for the company of tomorrow.

PayperChain - your cost optimization for the company of tomorrow.

Due to the challenges of the tool making and plastic parts production area, PayperChain gave rise to the idea of ​​preparing the production and financial transaction processes for the future. We know the requirements from our own experience and have therefore developed a simple solution for you.

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